Feel protected and assured

Chaperhome has three simple features, to support all lifestyles

At times, we all get worried walking or travelling home or when alone in a taxi late at night. Chaperhome makes is so simple to select your own 'protectors' from friends and family in your phone contacts who can be there when you need them. Walk home and provide timely taps to make sure you are safer. Chaperhome sends messages and alerts to your 'protectors' with updates of your location and how safe you are feeling.


If something were to happen and you want to send an alarm, simply stop using the timely taps and Chaperhome automatically sends your protectors an alarm message along with your location for instant assistance.


Need to send a timed reminder instead? No problem - activate a timed companion message that reminds your protectors to check in with you at a specified time. Just to make sure that you are OK.

Don't be alone walking home



Getting from A to B and your loved ones being notified of your arrival at a destination

Provide your friends, loved ones or parents with an automatic message to let them know you have got to your destination or back home. This is a pre-set feature and can alert either by destination or a specific time, to make sure people you nominate know when you have arrived. Importantly, if you don’t get back on time Chaperhome automatically notifies your protector with an alarm.

For teenagers, negotiate your time to get home - parents can go to bed and sleep easy knowing that only if you don't arrive home on time they will they be woken with an alarm.

Your updates dashboard will have alerts on a message board showing: 

  • Updates to crime highlights in your surrounding location

  • Protector alert and updates when Companion is in use

  • Protector updates for Destination arrival

  • Any messages when using Groups

  • Mute notifications once you have received them

  • Block any unwanted users


Use Friends and Family as Protectors - ready to help if needed:
When connecting to your chosen protector they get alerts and messages on their phone. You can let them know when you are due home or due to arrive at a pre-arranged destination, and Chaperhome sends an alert if you don't arrive at your chosen time. Chaperhome helps if you need friends to join you when you get separated on a night out, or if you are feeling nervous on the way home and protectors need to get ready to step in and help.

All your alerts and selected crime data to help keep you informed



Aims to help you stay together and be safer in numbers on party nights out

A simple button alert to your nearby friends for assistance. There is an option to send a range of pre-set messages to a chosen set of contacts - for instance if you get separated in a nightclub and want your friends to join you at the bar, washroom, or table it sends a one-touch chosen message and your location. e.g. "Help, join me at the bar now!”.

You can now change the messages to suit your location needs! Just tap twice to change and tap again to save.