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personal security to be launched in 2018"

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Main Features

Whether you want to make sure a family member or loved one gets to a location on time, are heading home alone, want some security in numbers with friends, or just for that extra protection and peace of mind,

Chaperhome has it all

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Alert your friends and family (protectors) if you feel nervous and keep them updated until you feel safe. Send them a timed reminder to check you're still OK.


Travelling from one location to another or a future arrival. Protectors are updated for a complete journey or alerted to an incomplete journey.


Aims to help you stay together and be safer in numbers on party nights out.


Have all your live updates from companion, destination and police news all in one easy to use location.

Be a protector

If your friends and family need you Chaperhome automatically updates you so that you can be ready to help if needed.

Chaperhome - Changing your world of personal security in 2018